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It Is My Delight to Plant Spring Flowers in Your Yard Nothing is more beautiful than flowers, and no one can spread them better than I can. I am known in Lewisville as “Spring Flowers the Magnificent.” What did he say?

It is My Delight to Plant Spring Flowers in Your Yard

Going door to door is not easy. Most people really don’t enjoy knocking on doors and asking a complete stranger to give you some of their time so you can attempt to convince them they need your services. There are others, like me, who love it. I just can’t get enough of it. Maybe it is the unique way I go through the neighborhoods sharing the wonders of life and the amazement of beautiful spring flowers that changes attitudes. When I knock on the door and a person answers, they usually try to brush me off and say they’re not interested or don’t have time. That’s when I go into action.

My plan is simple. I know people are busy, but they are never too busy for a splash of sheer joy and happiness. I find that the ones who are literally angry they have been interrupted from their nap or their favorite television show are the most fun. When the door opens, I immediately step back, I toss my hair with a quick motion, and begin singing at the top of my lungs! "It’s time for you to live! It’s time for you to love! It’s time for you to feel, the touch of a dove! You may be having trouble! You may be having showers! But that will quickly change, when I give you my spring flowers!" The reaction is always the same. Their eyes open wide, they might be a little embarrassed because I sing as loud as I can. No one has ever told me to stop.

My purpose is to bring joy to their life and life to their landscaping. Nothing is more beautiful than flowers, and no one can spread them better than I can. I am known as "Spring Flowers the Magnificent." My life and purpose is to plant flowers on every square foot of ground everywhere. I will not stop until the entire city, the county, the state and the country is covered in flowers. When flowers are the ground we walk on, happiness will finally rule the earth and everyone will live in peace and harmony.

My challenge to the homeowner is to try to find one thing that is not beautiful about spring flowers. All they can say is the flowers are beautiful and smell wonderful. I have to agree with them. This is my calling. This is my defining purpose. This is the reason I came to be. When you hear a knock on your door, be ready for my beautiful singing and some fragrant petals to grace your yard.

Notes: If you would rather hire a company with slightly less enthusiasm…We plant Flowers for customers in the Spring. Our Company is called Lawn Jockey


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