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Dallas Search Engine Company is Blowing Up!! Not only are we trying to make your site beat the competition, we also want to own the entire page. We do this with articles, blog entries, video,podcasts,and more

"First, help people. Then sell them stuff that will help them even more."
Adopting this winning attitude is how we will help you turn the lead into a client.

Question: What makes a website hit page one?
Answer: Page Rank
1. Age of the page. How long has the name been hosted.
2. Keyword rich – URL, titles, tags, and content.
3. In-bound links from sites that also have a high Page Rank
4. User time spent on your site.

Not only are we trying to make your site beat the competition, we also want to own the entire page. We will
accomplish this by using articles, blog entries, video, podcasts, and much more. We want every result on the
page to point to your company.

Here is How We Will Do It
• We will be posting articles and videos and podcasts on over 100 individual websites, blogs, press release sites, news sites, video sites and podcast sites.
Then we will change the file format and do it all over again. This will be considered fresh content.
• After posting up on all of our network sites we will use Tanner’s Secret Tools to make all of those sites tell each other about each other. Think about that
for just a second. That’s Huge.
• We will also utilize social networks like facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, and 20 other social networking sites.
• We will build your business a keyword specific software that search engines love. We don’t care if people use the software, we only care that Google
finds it.
• Capturing leads will be a chore of the past. We will build marketing campaigns specific to current promotions that you have and design a marketing
strategy around your email list and from an email list that we generate from comments and replies to all of your marketing materials.
• Auto email replies will specifically target your customer by each marketing campaign. Your Leads can be sent to 4 email addresses at once so each of
your team has access.
You will be coached on how to offer freebies to your leads that will cost you little if anything. This will help to drop their guard with Shock and Awe
• We will also be using Tanner’s Secret Tools that make all search engines find every single page and every single photo of the site. If you are wondering,
this is not your run of the mill site submission tool.
We watch your competitors daily ads and stay one step ahead of them. We can see clearly the world of your company on the Web. How is this valuable? Any
piece of marketing that goes up, we know within 12 hours and we cover it up with one of your ads that will be professionally optimized to most likely be posted
on top or in front of the competition. (We do not post craigslist ads.)
• We will help you in designing freebies such as free tools and EBooks’ designed to help your lead put aside the stress of trusting an online source, or
buying online, along with any other hangups facing your lead. This stress relief will help them to open their mind and wallet to possibilities and of course think
you are Cool for teaching them.
• Unlike other SEO companies that submit your material all at once which will most likely get you put in the sandbox (Google stops showing all ads so it can
have time to investigate for 3 months), we will submit with a steady speed drip that will not trigger any questionable activity.
• This Just In – Tanner’s Secret Tools. Google and YouTube will strip the audio from a video and transcribe into text to optimize video for search. We will
make sure all submissions are done in a way that we can utilize this to our advantage.

• Add Video Production – Small 2-10 minute video with editing to MP4. Should have one video per month to dominate. We recommend an
easy to produce Monthly video blog, current promotion, or tip of the month.

• Add our Writing Service – With our Article and Blog writing service you will be able to put the content writing department on Auto Pilot. At
these prices I can’t think of a reason to ever write again. These submissions are specifically written to target your keywords.

• Add Basic Website Building – Not all websites are built the same. A site built with our knowledge will most likely hit page one within 4 weeks
depending on competition. Every page we have built so far hits Page one within 3 weeks.


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